Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thai Eggplant in Tamarind Sauce

When i saw this little Thai Eggplant,it reminded me of one we get in my native place Udupi.So i just picked some from indian stores and made sambar and made this gojju.It really doesnt take much time.In fact it takes  less time than writing this post.

My Mom and also MIL both makes this as a side dish with rasam and rice.Its like a little accompany with rice.
Tradionally this was done by directly showing in fire in stove top and peeling the skin and combined with tamarind sauce.It gives a smokey taste to the eggplant.
I have a electric stop(coil type) so i boiled and peeled the skin and made this dish.If you have a stove top,try by showing in fire,as it will burn and peel the skin.

Thai Green Eggplant : 3
Lime size tamarind : soaked in warm water.
Green Chilli : 3
Salt : as needed.
Jaggery : 1tsp

For Tampering :
Mustard and Cumin seeds with curry leaves.

For Garnish :
Coriander Leaves.

1.Cut and boil the eggplant in water till it gets cooked.
2.Cool and remove the skin and smash the eggplant.
3.In a bowl,extract the pulp from tamarind.
4.Add green chilli,eggplant,jaggery and salt and smash well
5.Tamper with seeds and curry leaves and add to the dish.
6.Garish with Coriander Leaves.
7.Enjoy with hot rice.

Adjust the green chilli as per your taste.
This taste really good by making 1 hour before,as tamarind and green chilli leaves their taste.

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