Friday, August 27, 2010

Sprouted Kala Channa Sundal

I am on the spree in sprouting all type of legumes.When i sprouted kala channa i decided to make this simple and tasty sundal.Its a perfect snack with no guilt .

1.Sprouted Kala Channa : 1 cup
2.Green Chilli : 2 slit lenghtwise
3.Cumin Seeds : 2tsp
4.Mustard Seeds : 1tsp
5.Curry Leaves : 5
6.Coriander Leaves : for Garnish
7.Coconut : 1tsp
8.Salt : as needed

Pressure cook the sprouted channa up to 3 whistle.Remove and drain the water.
In a pan,add 1tsp of oil and add mustard seeds.
When it starts to crackle,add cumin seeds curry leaves and Green chilli.
Fry for few seconds and add cooked kala channa.
Add salt and  1tsp of coconut oil fry for 5mins till everything mixed up.
Garnish with Coriander Leaves and coconut.

Adding Coconut oil is optional.It enhances the flavor.
Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aloo Paneer Paratha

I am always lookout for healthy and easy recipes.That too i need to sneak the vegetables.I find Pulav and parathas comes to rescue.I love to try different types in both.

Aloo Paneer is one of the type which is easy and at the same time healthy too.Simple side dish would do the charming.Raita and Pickle is a good choice.I added avocado to the chappati dough and it was yummy and healthy.Adding chat masala gives a nice(chat) flavor to the paratha and goes well with yogurt.

For the Chappati Dough:
Atta/Wheat Flour : 2.5 cups
Avocado : 1
Salt : a little
Water : needed to make a dough

For the Filling:
Potato : 1 large(Boiled and Smashed)
Paneer : 1 cup(crumbled)
Chilli Powder : 2tsp
Chat Masala : 2tsp
Salt : as needed
Cumin Seeds : 2tsp

How to Make:
Peel the skin from avocado and smash them with back of the spoon.
Add the flour and salt and mix everything.
It will show a crumble like mixture.
Add little by little water to make a soft dough.
Leave it for 15mins.

Mix everything in a bowl for the filling.Make a small ball and keep aside.
Take the chappati dough and pinch a ball and roll into a small circle.
Keep the filling inside and close the dough.Do the rest with the dough.
Take a dough and press gently and roll into shape of chappati.
Heat a Griddle and cook both sides until brown.

Brush some Ghee and Enjoy!!!

Variations: Adding avocado is optional.Feel free to make variation to the paratha.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Purple Milkshake(Blueberry and Fig)

When I posted Pulav yesterday i got lovely comments.Thank You my friends...One of my fellow blogger asked how to sprout the channa and i updated the post here.

This is power house.i would say...or purple milkshake for the kids.My lil one loved it.When my hubby bought a box of  fig this time,i thought of trying this milkshakes.It came out really good.Its easy ,quick and healthy.Perfect for morning or in the evening when the kids come home from school.

Blueberry : 1 cup(fresh or frozen)
Fig : 3
Milk :1 cup
Honey or sugar : 1tbsp(optional)

In a blender, blend everything together.If the mixture is thick add a 1/4 cup of water to make it smooth.
Pour it in glass and enjoy.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sprouted Chick Peas and Carrot Pulav

Another pulav from my kitchen.I love to make pulav and parathas...b'coz i can stuff vegetables in that so that my family eat and they love it.Its easy for me to make as this doesn't need any side dish of choice.A simple raita is enough.

This time i tried with sprouted channa which i soaked and sprouted a day back.So here is what i made.

Basmati Rice : 1 cup(soaked in water for 15mins and drained)
Sprouted Chick Peas : 1 cup(sprouted and cooked in presure cooker upto 2 whistle)
Carrot : 1/2 cup(chop into round thin circle)
Ginger : 1" inch
Chilli Powder : 1tsp
Coriander Powder :1tsp
Salt : as per taste

Snauf/Fennel Seeds : 2tsp
Clove : 4
Bay Leaves : 2
Pepper : 5
Cardamom : 2
Cinnamon : a small piece
Cumin Seeds : 2tsp

Coriander Leaves for Garnish

How to Sprout Chick Peas.
Soak the Chick Peas in water for Overnight.Next day morning drain the water and wrap the peas in kitchen towel or muslin cloth and leave it. The next morning it will start to sprout.Pressure Cook the sprouts to use in your recipes.

1.In a kadai.,add 2tsp of oil and add cumin seeds.
2.When it crackles,add all the spices with ginger and fry for 30secs.
3.Add the carrot and sprouted cooked channa.
4.Add chilli,salt and coriander powder.
5.Add rice and fry till the rice sticks in the bottom.
6.Add 2 cups of water and transfer to rice cooker.
7.Cook and Garnish with Coriander Leaves.

Serve Hot with Raita.Enjoy!!

Add Green Chilli for extra spiciness.I didnt b'coz i was giving to my lil one
Its so versatile,so you can add any type of veggies.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hara Bhara Paratha inspired from ChefInYou.

When she posted this recipe,i knew im going to try this.I love to try different kind of paratha and this one was a hit in my home.My hubby and lil one loved it.Its healthy and yummy and full.This doesnt need any side dish like she says and a pickle and yogurt is all that need.

For Chappati Dough:
1.Wheat Flour/Atta -2.5 cups
2.Spinach - 2 cups
3.Yogurt - 2to3 tbsp
4.Salt - as per taste

For Filling:
Boiled Potato : 1(Boiled and mashed)
Paneer : 1 cup
Capcicum : 1/2 cup(finely chopped)
Chilli Powder : 2tsp
Cumin Seeds : 2tsp
Chaat Masala : 2tsp
Salt : as needed
Coriander Leaves : a handful

For Chappati :
1.Wash the spinach and grind into smooth paste by adding yogurt.
2.To atta,add salt and ground paste and make a smooth dough.

For Filling.
1.Mash the potato and grate the paneer,
2.Mix everthing and make a small ball.

Pinch a lemon size chappati dough and roll into small circle.
Place the filling and bring the sides altogether and close it.
Do the rest with the chappati dough by adding the filling.
Now take each filled dough and press with your palm.
Roll gently to make a medium thick chappati.Dont make thin as the filling might come out.
Heat a griddle, and place it and turn once the brown spots appear.
Apply ghee/oil and serve hot with pickle and yogurt.

Head over to her site to see lovely recipes and step by step pic of this recipe.

I made a quick tomato pickle and served this with yogurt.


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Potato and Peas Curry

I had this curry long time back in a friends house.Its a simple and tasty dish.This can be accompanied with Pulav,any rice item or chappati or roti.This  is a quick and also as a second side dish.I changed a little bit and came out really good.

Ingredients :
1.Tomato : 1 large.
2.Potato : 1 medium(Cut into bite size cubes)
3.Peas : a handfull(fresh or frozen)\
4.Turmeric Powder :1/2 tsp
4.Chilli Powder : 2tsp
5.Garam Masala :1 tsp
6.Coconut :1/4 fresh or frozen
7.Green Chilli : 1

For Tampering :
1.Mustard Seeds : 1tsp
2.Cumin Seeds : 2tsp
3.Curry Leaves : 5 or 6
4.Hing : a pinch

If using frozen coconut,bring to room temperature and grind together with green chilli like a paste.
Cut the tomato and potato.

1.In a kadai,add a tsp of oil add the mustard seeds.
2.When it crackles,add cumin,curry leaves and hing.
3.Add the tomato and add the spices, fry till becomes soft.
4.Add the Potato and peas and a cup of water.
5.Close the lid.Check in between.If needed water add a little.
6.When the potatoes are done,add ground coconut mixture and bring to boil.
7.Add salt and Garnish with Cilantro.

I made this watery as we like it that way.
Enjoy with Chappati or Rice.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tomato Rice

Whenever i am running out of time and i go for some rice item.This time i had to prepare something before my DH comes home for lunch.Instead of making same sambar and rice,i went to tomato rice which came out really good.

I made this with the help of rice cooker.I love this rice cooker.All you have to do is dump everything and it will finish of the work.In the meantime i can play with my lil one :).... I dont want it plain so added some potato and peas.

So here you go my tasty tomato rice....

Ingredients :
Basmati Rice : 1 cup
Tomato : 1 Big
Potato : 1 small
Peas : a handfull(fresh or frozen)
Bay Leaves : 1
Chilli Powder : 2tsp
MTR Rasam Powder : 2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Salt : as per taste

For Tampering :
Mustard seeds : 1tsp
Cumin seeds : 2tsp
Curry Leaves : 5 leaves

Coriander Leaves for Garnish.

1.Soak the Basmati rice for 20 mins.
2.Meanwhile chop the tomato,potatoes.
3.In a kadai,add a tsp of oil and add mustard seeds.
4.When it crackles,add cumin seeds and curry leaves.
5.Add Bay Leaves and fry a little.
6.Add tomato,potato,peas and spices.
7.Fry till the tomato half soft.
8.Drain the water and add the rice.
9.Fry till the rice sticks to the bottom.
10.Add 2 cups of water.
11.Transfer this to rice cooker.
12.When its done,garnish with Coriander Leaves.

This goes well with Okra fry and raita.Quick and Tasty.
This recipe is mild but you can make it spicy by adding more chilli powder.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tomato Mor Kuzhambu from T&T (Veg Inspiration)


Last weekend for the breakfast i was of making Dosa, thinking for what to pair with.I remembered a recipe for Tomato Mor Kuzhambu   in Veg Inspiration.So i just tried it and came out really well.My hubby liked it alot.With a hot and crispy Dosa this would be a lovely combination.Its easy and quick and really tasty too....Nice combination with hot rice also.

1.Tomato -2 small
2.Turmeric Powder -1/2tsp
3.Sugar-1/8 tsp
4.Salt-to taste
5.Yogurt -1 cup(whisk yogurt with little water to make smooth paste)

Grind Together:
1.Green Chill-1
2.Red Chilli-1
3.Cumin Seeds-1/2 tsp
4.Raw Rice -3/4 tsp
5.Coconut- 4tbspFresh or frozen

For Tampering:
Coconut Oil-2tsp
Mustard Seeds-1tsp
fenugreek Seeds-2tsp
Curry leaves -5 or 6 Leaves.

1.Coriander Leaves-for Garnish

How to Make:
1.Cut the Tomatoes into half and microwave with turmeric and sugar.Cool it
2.Grind cooled tomato and coconut with chillies,cumin seeds and rice.
3.In a pan,add the ground paste and bring to boil.
4.When its heated enough,add the yogurt and lower the heat.
5.Wait till it froths and switch off.
6.When the mixture is warm add salt.
7.In a small kadai,add oil and add mustard seeds.
8.When splutters,add fenugreek seeds and fry it darkens slightly.
9.Add the curry leaves and add to the mixture.

Enjoy with Hot Rice and Dosa.

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