Monday, May 10, 2010

Simple Beetroot Saasime/Curry

I made this Beetroot saasime/curry a while ago.This is simple and yet tasty and can be done in a minute.If you are not in the mood to cook(sometimes happen right :)) but want to do something for you and your lil one and also healthy then this one would come in handy.B'coz of the color and the taste of this dish i didnt have hard time making my lil one to eat.
Here it comes,

Beetroot : Big 1
Tamarind Lemon size : soaked in warm water
Fenugreek Seeds/Methi Seeds :1 tsp
Salt : as per taste
Coriander Leaves for Garnish

Mustard and Cumin Seeds for tampering with Curry Leaves.

Method :
1.Grate the Beetroot and set aside.
2.Squeeze the tamarind juice.
3.In a Heavy bottom vessel,add the beetroot,tamarind juice,salt and fenugreek seeds with a little water.
4.Bring to boil.
5.If its too thick and starts to stick to the bottom add just enough water.
6.Boil it, till the beetroot is done.
7.Tamper with seeds and curry leaves.
8.Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve hot with rice or roti.
Fenugreek seeds, tamarind juice really gives a nice flavor and taste to this dish.
This one is off  to couple of events going on right now.
1.Susan's TheWellSeasonedCook is hosting My Legume Love Affair #23

2.Kitchen Samraj is hosting a Twenty-20 Cooking Event


  1. Nice n easy dish dear, thanks for sending it to my event. do send ,more

  2. Lovely, quick dish, Swapna. I have always been a fan of fenugreek, seed or leaf.

    Thank you for your MLLA recipe!