Monday, May 24, 2010


When someone got a cold in my home, this Home Remedie come in handy for me.This is quick and easy and can be given to toddlers with milk.I got this Kashaya from my MIL.

Ginger : 1/4 " piece
Pepper : 2 tsp
Jeera(Cumin) : 2 tsp
Jaggery : 2tbsp
Honey : 2tsp(Optional)
Water : 2 cup

1.Crush or coarse grind the ginger,pepper and jeera.I crushed them with bottom of tumbler(glass)
2.In a pan, add the crushed spices and add water and bring to boil for 5mins.
3.When it boils,you can smell the spices in your home.
4.When the spices are mixed well with water, add jaggery and boil again.

5.Boil till jaggery melts.
6.Strain and add honey and Serve.

7.This should be served warm.
8.For kids,Boil some milk and add half of the strained kashaya and serve.
Adding Honey is optional.

Im sending this to Radhika's, Food for Ailments and Old Age event and Sudeshna's Cook like a Bong

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