Thursday, May 27, 2010

Puli Bajji

Puli Bajji(Tulu)This sauce got everything!!!Sweet,spicy and sour.Its a easy one and works like a dipping sauce also.This is made with jaggery and tamarind.When i saw a event in Seduce Your Taste Buds about Think Spice-Tamarind, this one got in to my mind.This goes really well with Uggi.

Tamarind plays a main role in my kitchen,in all our Indian kitchen.From Rasam,Sambar,Vatta Kolambu,Chutney and the list goes on.A little tamarind makes coconut chutney soo tasty.

My MIL makes a wonderful Vatta Kolumbu which is soooooo good.Hot rice and vatta kolambu,it will make your day.Many recipes i got from my MIL including this Uggi with Puli Bajji.

Tamarind : Lemon size ball(soaked in warm water)
Jaggery : Lemon size
Green Chilli : 1 Big(slit lenghtwise)
Ginger : 2tsp(grate it)
Curry leaves : 10 leaves(cut in small piece)
Hing : 1/2 tsp
salt : as needed.

Mustard and Cumin seeds for tampering.

Extract juice from Tamarind.

1.In a skillet add 1tbsp of ghee and add mustard seeds.
2.When it crackle add cuminseeds,curry leaves and Hing.
3.Add green chilli,ginger and fry a little.
4.Add the tamarind juice and bring to boil for 3 mins.
5.Add jaggery and salt and boil.
6.When it comes to semi liquid switch off and serve as side dish or sauce.

You can adjust the sweet and spicy by adding extra jaggery and chilli.

Im sending this PJ's Think Spice-Tamarind  and Sunita's event.

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