Friday, June 18, 2010

Vegetable Subzi

This is the first Side dish i learnt after my marriage or i would say coming to US.My hubby is the one who taught me this subzi which is favorite to both of us.Its simple and quick and easy.Its goes well with rice and chappati.If you have cooked toor dhal you can make this in 20 mins.All you need is chopped veggies.I use my regular veggies and made this tasty subzi.

Carrot : 1
Beans : 10
Potato : 1 small
Peas : a handful
Capsicum : 1/4 cup
Tomato : 1 small
Green Chilli : 1
Chilli Powder : 1 tsp
Garam Masala : 2 tsp
Salt : as needed
Toor dhal : 3 tbsp
Coriander Leaves : a handful (for Garnish)

For tampering:
Oil : 2tsp
Mustard seeds : 1tsp
Cumin seeds : 2tsp
Curry Leaves : 8 leaves

Chop all the veggies except tomato in to small cube or use frozen vegetable.You can alternate any veggies.
Microwave them in safe bowl for 4 mins.

1.In a Kadai or wok,add oil and mustard seeds.
2.when it starts to crackle,add cumin seeds and curry leaves.
3.Add chopped tomatoes with green chills.
4.Cook until the tomatoes becomes soft.
5.Add chilli powder and Garam Masala Powder with salt.
6.Fry for few seconds.
7.Add the veggies and cook.
8.Add cooked toor dhal and add enough water to make it right consistency.
9.In the end add chopped coriander leaves and enjoy with roti or chappati.

This goes well with rice and ghee.Add extra chilli as per your spice level.

This goes to Think Spice - Garam Masala event hosted by Sara and started by Sunita


  1. Swapna, the kurma looks colorful and yummy..

  2. nice click swapna...its looks very yummy

  3. Swapna the kurma looks very yummy and inviting.

  4. Beautiful mixed veg curry healthy too with the addition of dhal.Thankyou for dropping by visits and comments are very much appreciated.I am following your blog.