Friday, June 4, 2010

Tomato Cheesy Pasta

  Well I got this idea from Chefinyou. She is amazing. She quite got a collection of recipe. She is a great chef.I was going through her pasta recipes.When i saw Cheese macaroni and Penne all'arabiata, i thought of making macaroni but ending up making tomato cheesy pasta.I added mint to give a minty flavor.

Pasta(Elbow) - 1 cup
Tomato - 3 medium size
Mint Leaves - 1 bunch
Pepper - 1tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Italian Seasoning - 1tsp

Cheese Sauce:
All purpose flour - 2tsp
Milk - 1tbsp
Butter - 2tbsp
Cheese(any kind) - 1 cup(I used shredded mix chesse)

1.Cook the pasta as per the instruction in the box.
2.In a skillet,add 2tsp of oil and add Cumin seeds.
3.When they crackle add chopped tomato and fry.
4.The tomatoes will start to leaves water and continue to fry.
5.Add Chopped mint leaves and all the spices.
6.In a bowl.add milk and flour and mix till no lumps.
7.Heat butter in a seperate pan,add flour and cheese and mix.
8.Mix cheese sause to tomato spice mixture.
9.Add pasta and give a stir,adjust salt and spice level.

I baked some bread pieces to give some crunchy flavor.

Sending this to Global Kadai event hosted by Indhu and started by Cilantro

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