Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Semage(Rice Noodles)

Rice Noodles(English) or Idiyappam(Tamil) or Semage(Tulu).

Semage is similar to Idiyappam with little change in it.In Semage, making the rice flour dough and steam it and then pressed it with idiyappam press.

Rice flour:2 cups
Salt:as per taste

How to:
1.In a large pan add the water and bring to boil.
2.When it comes to boil add salt and oil.Turn of the heat.
3.Add the rice flour and sieve through.
4.Check the dough by taking the dough in your hand and make a lemon size ball.Be carefull it will be hot.
5.In  idli steamer add all the balls and steam it for 10 mins.
6.Fill the idiyappam press till half way b'coz of the dough is hot and carefully press.

7.Continue with rest of the balls.
8.In a seperate plate lay the Semage in a wet muslin cloth or thin cotton cloth.Close it.

When ready to serve you its easy to lift each semage.
Serve with sweet coconut milk or Chitranna and enjoy.

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