Monday, March 22, 2010

Capcicum Paneer Paratha

I was thinking of making something for dinner but i didnt have any idea. Like always going through lots of veggie cooking website i came through with this wonderful recipe paneer mixed veg paratha.
I decided to make my own with what i have in my kitchen and come with this tasty paratha.I added Jalapenos for extra flavor.

Wheat Flour-2 cups
Red Capsicum-4tpsp
Green Capsicum-4tpsp
Paneer-1/2 cup
cumin seeds-1tpsp
coriander powder-1tpsp
chilli powder-as needed
salt-as needed
turmeric powder-1 tpsp
Oil or Ghee
Wheat flour for dusting

Cut the capsicum and jalapenos into small pieces and crumble the paneer. Mix all the ingredients with wheat flour and add little by little water to make a dough.Keep it aside for few minutes.
Take the dough and make a lemon size ball dust it with flour. With rolling pin roll it slowly
and flatten it. Spread flour over the flatten dough so it wont stick in the rolling pin and can able to flatten out.Heat a non-stick griddle, add a little oil or ghee and place the flatten dough in it.Once it has little pores on it flip it over and add oil or ghee.Turn side by side until it gets brown.

Add ghee for extra flavor.Serve with raita and enjoy!

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