Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wheat Diamond Cuts/Thukudi


I am a snack lover...i can munch on deep fry thing anytime.I love anything spicy so is my lil one.Yesterday she started her preschool and she is soo happy.She didnt even miss me and enjoyed her half a day well.Today she happily went to school and played.To make her i thought of making something.She likes crunchy sncaks and chocolates.She is not into muffins or cake even if i made with chocolate.So i thought of making these and made this,after coming back from school she is munching on these happily and me too :))

Ingredients :
Whole Wheat Flour/Atta : 1 cup
All Purpose Flour/Maida : 1/2 cup
Ajwain : 1/2tsp
Jeera/Cumin : 1tsp
Chill Powder : 1/2tsp
Salt : as per taste
Hot oil : 2tbsp
Water : as needed
Oil for deep frying.

In a bowl,mix both flour ajwain,cumin,chilli powder and salt.Mix well.
Add the hot oil and mix as it becomes small crumbs.
Add water to make a tight dough.Close with a damp towel and let rest for 15mins.
Heat oil in a wok to fry.
Pinch a lemon size ball from dough and flatten it with chappati roller.
Prick with fork and cut with knife as diamonds.
In medium flame fry the cuts till brown and remove.
Drain in a tissue paper and finish with rest of the dough.
Cool and store in a air tight container.

Since i was making for my kid,i used minimal amount of chilli powder.U can increase.
Check the oil,by dropping a piece and when it comes to surface by 2 seconds its ready.

Start munching on!!


  1. I looooove these..highly addictive n extremely delish..looks so very perfect and the last pic is soooo CUTE!!

    US Masala

  2. Not only ur kid am also a big fan of this yummy

  3. my mom used to do this for our eve snacks.perfect

  4. my all time fav snack...its so addictive

  5. very addictive kids love it a lot too...Thanx for visiting my blog!...keep visiting!

  6. highly addictive... its like no one can eat just one and its so nice that u made with wheat flour :)
    yummy :)

  7. We make for Diwali- but perfect snack to munch!

  8. looks nice and crispy!.. yummy snack. I like them very much!

  9. Thats my all time fav, i cant stop munching them if i make it..

  10. Yumm yumm...but once u start muching..there is no way u can stop..:-)

  11. This is an all time favorite and I'm glad that u used atta and not maida to make them. The last pic is so cute.


  12. This is my favourite snack. Looks very delicious.

  13. using wheat is nutritious and good color too..

  14. My favorite snack,yummy and delicious.

  15. YUMMY Snack!! Even my all time fav..this onr reminds me of my mom..

  16. I would like to share an award with you @

  17. tukdi is my fav time pass snack and its been long since i had have done it very nicely,crispy andyummy

  18. Crispy, yet healthy snack - great for teatime, or anytime!

    Vegetarian Cultural Creatives

  19. I love this crispy snack... :) esp. along with a nice cup of tea.

  20. Will sure try this way! Love this a lot,the last pic is so so cute and sweet :)