Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dal Makhani For Maitri(Friendship Chain)

Everyone who is in blogging would sure know about Maitri,a friendship chain, where a blogger sends a mystery ingredients to another blogger where she cooks and blogs about it.Priya and Reshmi started this friendship chain which was inspired from Arusuvai.If you need any information head over to Priya and Reshmi blog to find and join there so its fun,cook and blog which we all love.

So here is my post about my mystery ingredients.I was matched with Rajee who sent me a wonderful ramkin,card and mystery ingredient.I got them one fine evening and was so happy to see everything with her kind words.I guessed it right away its Black Urad dhal and i knew i had to make Dal Makhani.

Dal Makhani is a famous Punjabi dish which is a mixture of lentils cooked and high in protein.In Restaurants  they add loads of cream and butter to give richness to this dish.

Ingredients :
1.Black Urad Dal : 3/4 cup
2.Rajma/Kidney Beans : 1/4 cup
3.Channa Dal : 2 tbsp
4.Ginger : 1' inch
5.Green Chilli : 1 slit lenthwise.
6.Bay Leaves : 2
7.Cardamom : 1
8.Cloves : 3
9.Tomato : 2 medium
10.Turmeric Powder : 1/2 tsp
11.Coriander Powder : 1tsp
12.Red Chilli Powder : 1tsp
13.Milk : 1/2 cup
14.Coriander Leaves : to Garnish
15.Dried Kasuri Methi : to Garnish
16.Butter : 1/2 tbsp
17.Oil : 1tbsp
18.Jeera/Cumin : 1tsp

1.Wash and Soak the lentils for 6 hours or overnight.
2.Next day,wash the lentils well and add 4 cups of water,ginger,green chilli and pressure cook the dal till mushy.
3.Puree the tomato and keep aside.
4.In a kadai,heat oil and butter,add Jeera,Cardamom,Cloves,Bay Leaves.
5.When it leaves nice aroma,add tomato and mix well.
6.Close the lid till the raw smell goes and oil oozes out.Add in the Powder.
7.Fry for 2 mins and add the mashed lentil,close the lid simmer it for 15 mins.
8.Fry in between to avoid sticking to bottom.
9.Add the milk and dried kasuri methi in lower flame.
10.Cook for 5 mins and switch hot.

Serve hot with Chappati and Enjoy!!


  1. This looks super delicious.

  2. Great job Swapana. Awesome clicks and a yummy recipe. This is one of my fav dish that I make with black urad dal :-)

  3. Yum Swapna, what a great looking dal makhani, you nailed it. Thanks for being part of MAITRI :)

  4. Wow good work swapna.Yeah i heard about it.The curry looks fabulous and goes nice with chapathi.

  5. delicious makhani... one of my fav punjabi cuisines.. Gr8 job girl!! Thnx for being part of this friendship chain..

  6. Very tempting and inviting recipe.. looks perfect !!

  7. My fav side dish...It's power-packed with nutrients...

  8. SImply inviting, thick dal makhani packed with full of proteins tempts me a lot..

  9. Creamy and delicious,looks inviting

  10. lovely! how nice and dhal makhani looks wonderful!

  11. Thats so much fun.. dhal makhani is too good..

    New to ur space and Happy to follow u.
    Do visit me as time permits

  12. I love dal makhani with hot butter naan..Will try soon...I am a happy follower of you..Please check my blog and follow me ..

  13. This is my all time fav... Very classic one... YUM!

  14. I too make the same way,love it any time with steamed rice!

  15. I am amazed by how u guys keep this going...
    Nice recipe..looks so yumm!!

  16. Dhal makhani is in my to-do list for a while now.. yours looks so good..
    Event: Serve It-Chilled