Friday, April 30, 2010

Fenugreek Raita

Fenugreek Seeds Raita(English) or Mentha Thambli(Tulu)

Raita, which is my favorite.I love all types of raita like potatoes,mint etc.My mom used to make these often b'coz i like them.She does different types like pepper,cumin,fenugreek and with mint leaves.She also makes with veggies like potatoes,okra and capsicum.Thought of making this.Its quick and simple to make.

Fenugreek seeds:1tsp
Coconut:1/2 cup(Fresh or frozen)
Green chilli:1
Curd:1 cup
Salt:as per taste
Coriander Leaves: a few
Mustard and Cumin seeds for tampering with curry leaves.

1.Dry roast the fenugreek until slight brown.
2.Grind the roasted seeds with coconut and green chilli.
3.Add little by little water to make a smooth paste
4.Mix with the curd and add salt.
Tamper with seeds and curry leaves with little oil and add to the raita.
Garnish with leaves.

Enjoy with Hot rice or Roti.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Chitranna with Semage.

Whenever i do Semage, i  like to make this chitranna  b'coz my husband love to have this.Its easy and simple and can be made in a jiffy.

Semage-1 cup
Tamarind: a small lemon size(soak in warm water)
Jaggery: a lemon size
Sambar powder-1/2 tbsp
Salt-as per taste
Coriander leaves for garnish
Oil-1tsp and coconut oil-1 tsp
Mustard and Jeera seeds with curry leaves for tampering.

1.In a pan tamper the seeds with the oil.
2.Add the tamarind juice and jaggery.Bring up to boil
3.Add the sambar powder and salt.
4.Add the semage and be gentle when mixing
5.Garnish with Coriander leaves
Serve hot and enjoy.

This can be made with rice also by adding roasted peanuts,cashews.Adding shredded coconut in the end would do great.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Semage(Rice Noodles)

Rice Noodles(English) or Idiyappam(Tamil) or Semage(Tulu).

Semage is similar to Idiyappam with little change in it.In Semage, making the rice flour dough and steam it and then pressed it with idiyappam press.

Rice flour:2 cups
Salt:as per taste

How to:
1.In a large pan add the water and bring to boil.
2.When it comes to boil add salt and oil.Turn of the heat.
3.Add the rice flour and sieve through.
4.Check the dough by taking the dough in your hand and make a lemon size ball.Be carefull it will be hot.
5.In  idli steamer add all the balls and steam it for 10 mins.
6.Fill the idiyappam press till half way b'coz of the dough is hot and carefully press.

7.Continue with rest of the balls.
8.In a seperate plate lay the Semage in a wet muslin cloth or thin cotton cloth.Close it.

When ready to serve you its easy to lift each semage.
Serve with sweet coconut milk or Chitranna and enjoy.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tomato Saaru/Rasam

Yes,that the number i got when i searched for tomato rasam in Google.Each and everyone have their own version of making this rasam.This is my version.
Saaru, yes in tulu.I have to say my hubby's is favorite.I do make different kinds but this one is his favorite.This is simple and quick and goes well with rice and ghee.

Small Tomato-2
Green Chilli-1
Tamarind-Small lemon size(soak in warm water)
Toor dhal-a handful(pressure cooked)
Rasam Powder-1tbsp(MTR works good too)
Salt-as per taste
Turmeric Powder-1/2tsp
Coriander leaves-for Garnish
Jeera and Mustard seeds with Curry leaves for Tampering

1.Cut the tomato and with a little water boil it.Can do in microwave in a safe bowl for 4mins.
2.Cool it and peel of the skin and smash it with potato masher or grind it a little.
3.In a pan with this mixture add the tamarind juice,salt,turmeric powder and jaggery.
4.Bring the mixture to boil and add the boiled toor dhal.
5.When it boils add the rasam powder and boil it.
6.If the mixture is thick add enough water to make flowing consistency.
7.Keep it in low flame and boil it until the froth comes up.
8.Garnish with coriander leaves
9.Tamper with mustard and jeera seeds with little oil.

Note: If you dont have boiled toor dhal in handy you can omit that step.
Serve hot with rice and ghee and Enjoy!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sabudana Black Peas Cutlet.

Once i made paratha for the lunch some leftover black peas was sitting in my fridge.When i visited india back in November 2009 i remember eating sabudana cutlet in one place in bangalore.It was going on my mind. I heard this is made during fasting or in Ekadasi.So i soaked some sagu/sabudana in the water.It should be soaked for 2 to 3 hours.

Sabudana/Sagu: 1 cup (Soaked for 2 to 3 hours)
Black Eyed Peas: 1/2 cup
Coriander Powder-1 teaspoon
Green chilli-1 (cut into small pices)
Coriander Leaves-1 Handful
Garam masala powder-1 teaspoon
salt as per taste
Bread crumbs: to roll the patties.
If you want spicy add some chilli powder too.

Take the sabudana and drain all the water and tied it in the muslin cloth for 30 to 1 hour.
Add all the ingredients.Make it like a cutlet shape
It is difficult to get a desired shape if the paste is moist.
Add some boiled and mashed potatoes to the mixture and make patties.
Roll this patties in Bread crumbs and fry them in oil.
To avoid frying you can just frying them in griddle with little oil and turning both sides brown
Enjoy with Green chutney and Tomato sauce

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Black Eyed Peas Paratha

Happy Vishu and Happy Tamil New Year to all.

Whenever i make something different recipe and i just take a photo and store it. Will do the posting later. That how this recipe comes.One day i soaked black eyed peas thought of making sundal as a evening snack.I boiled it and it boiled too much.So didnt make it.I stored in the fridge.Next day for the lunch thinking of making paratha and when i saw this peas got the idea of making black eyed peas paratha.This would make a nice main course.

here it comes,
Wheat flour:2 cups and some for dusting
Black eyed peas:1 cup
Tomato-small(Grind to smooth paste)
Jeera-1 teaspoon
salt-as per taste
Ghee or oil-1 teaspoon
Chilli powder-1 teaspoon
Coriander powder-1 teaspoon
water to make the dough

1.Mash well the black eyed peas.
2.In a bowl add the wheat flour,ghee and salt.
3.Sieve through the flour, add the mashed peas and mix throughly
4.Add the tomato paste with rest of spices and mix gently.
5.Add little by little add water to make a dough.
6.Make a nice dough and set aside for 15 mins.
7.Take a lemon size ball and flat them like a chappati.
8.Heat a griddle and cook until brown on both sides.
Serve hot with raita or side dish

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rava Idli

This is another recipe which i often make in my home to get all the vegetables we need.Its quick and easy to make.This wont need any side dish like sambar b'coz itself has a great taste.Even this makes a good lunch box and also for picnic time.

Rava-2 cups
Curd:1 cups
Carrot:1 cup Shredded
Beans-1/2 cup(cut in to small piece)
Peas-1/2 cup
Potato-1small chopped into small pieces
Tomato-1/2 cup
Green Chilli-as per the taste(cut them into small pieces)
Curry leaves-a few(cut them into small pieces)
Coriander leaves-a bunch(cut them into small pieces)
salt as per taste

Mustard and Jeera seeds for tampering.

Take a dry vessel and put the rava and steam it for 15 to 20 mins in pressure cook without the whistle.
Take out and cool it.

Meanwhile chop all the veggies and in a pan with a little oil and add the mustard and jeera seeds.
When it crackles add the ginger,green chilli and curry leaves.
Add potatoes and beans and sprinkle some water and keep frying.
Later add all other ingredients and mix well.
Switch off from the flame.
In a separate bowl add rava and curd and mix well.
Add some water and mix well to a batter consistency.
Add the veggies and adjust the salt.
Leave it for 15 mins.
It will become thick so add water to get a flowing consistency.
Grease the idli plate and pour the batter and steam them till 10 to 15mins.
Insert a fork in to idli so that it comes out clean.

Serve with chutney powder and enjoy!!!!
This batter can be made before hand and refrigerate so that can used in busy morning for a steaming hot idli.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vegetable Semiya

I love semiya!! Who woundn't right!! I tried different types.But nothing ever tasted good for me or for my hubby.When i was in india my MIL made this simple vegetable semiya which was so good and tasty. Its has loads of vegetables.Its easy too.So here comes the recipe..

Semiya:2 cups
Water-4 cups
Cabbage:2 handful
Carrot: 1
Beans-1/2 cup
Small potato:1
Capsicum:1/2 cup
peas:1/2 cup
Turmeric powder-1/2 tbsp
sambar powder:1tbsp
salt: as per taste
Green chilli: as per taste(I added 1)
Coriander leaves: for garnish

Jeera and Mustart leaves with curry leaves for tampering.

Chop all the veggies and in a bowl with little water MW them for 5mins.Make sure the veggies are boiled or keep them again for 1 or 2 mins.
In a kadai add 1tbsp of oil and fry the semiya till it turns brown.Keep on frying or else it will burn.
Take the semiya out and add a little oil and tamper them with jeera and mustard leaves.
When it crackle add the curry leaves and add the veggies right away.Add the turmeric powder and salt.
Add 4 cups of water and close with a lid.When it start to boil adjust the salt and add the semiya with sambar powder.
Keep on stirring till all the water is absorbed by semiya.
Garnish it with coriander leaves.
Add 1tbsp ghee for extra flavor.

This same method goes well with Rava/Sooji.