Friday, April 30, 2010

Fenugreek Raita

Fenugreek Seeds Raita(English) or Mentha Thambli(Tulu)

Raita, which is my favorite.I love all types of raita like potatoes,mint etc.My mom used to make these often b'coz i like them.She does different types like pepper,cumin,fenugreek and with mint leaves.She also makes with veggies like potatoes,okra and capsicum.Thought of making this.Its quick and simple to make.

Fenugreek seeds:1tsp
Coconut:1/2 cup(Fresh or frozen)
Green chilli:1
Curd:1 cup
Salt:as per taste
Coriander Leaves: a few
Mustard and Cumin seeds for tampering with curry leaves.

1.Dry roast the fenugreek until slight brown.
2.Grind the roasted seeds with coconut and green chilli.
3.Add little by little water to make a smooth paste
4.Mix with the curd and add salt.
Tamper with seeds and curry leaves with little oil and add to the raita.
Garnish with leaves.

Enjoy with Hot rice or Roti.

This one is rushing to Twenty-20 Cooking Event hosted by Kitchen Samraj.


  1. Thanks for the cool raitha Swapna!

  2. Very interesting and unique raita, looks delicious!
    I got here from the MLLA roundup you have a lovely space :-)