Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recipes From US Masala(Tried and Tasted)

This month tried and tasted is hosted by Priya which features USMasala.I love her blog soo much.Be it a tempting pictures or  her wonderful recipes it always amazes me.So this was chance for me to try some recipes from her blog and i did.Every recipes came out perfect and it tasted awesome.

Aloo aur Matar Ki Tehari(Potato and Peas Pulav)
Since i love one pot meal i decided to try this.It came out perfect and tasted good.The only addition i did is adding some leftover channa(chickpeas).Rest are the same.
Original Recipe here.

Methi and Corn Pulav.

Another rice dish i tried today from her blog is Methi and Corn Pulav.

Paneer Tikka.
To go along, i decided to try Paneer Tikka which came out soo good.My hubby liked it alot.

Whole Wheat Stuffed Buns.

I made her Whole Wheat Stuffed Buns for a week night dinner and came out soo good.Its wholesome and filling with all the vegetables.I added some grated beetroot to the filling and it was yummy.

Also rest of recipes which i already posted.

Sending these to Tried and Tasted - USMasala hosted by Priya and Started by Lakshmi


  1. Absolutely mouth watering...tempting color ..

  2. Omg, everything looks wonderful and irresistible...Beautiful entries Swapna..

  3. Awesome assortment of Aipi's recipes....lovely pictures!

    Vegetarian Cultural Creatives

  4. I am really really touched that you could make time to try out some of my recipes and really pleased that they all worked out for you. Each of them have come out perfect!! Thanks for all the kind words dear, you are a sweetheart :)

    US Masala

  5. Wow...look flavoursome and yum....running to US masala to check out more...

  6. what a wonderful collection you have here..I adore it..oh yes I do love US are doing a great job..congrats

  7. So many yummy recipes from her blog!! Loved it!

  8. wow!!! i need to try some of her recipes..

  9. Wow !!! So many nice collection of recipes.